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Safe Drinking Water for Yawajai Town, Todee District

On Thursday, April 11, 2013, the people of Yawajai in Todee district were recipients of a safe drinking water purification system. Making the presentation to the town chief and the pastor of the church, Rev. Marvis Hale of the Villa Baptist Church in Indianapolis, USA said safe drinking water is the key to good health. He said donation for the water system was made by one of the members of his church in memory of Bro. Jack Hodnett for use by the people of Todee. He said he was encouraged by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church and was happy to assist in whatever way in spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rev. Hale further said that just as the Lord Jesus is the source of spiritual living water, so his church was providing safe drinking water to help point people to Christ.

Making remarks at the program the town chief and Pastor Samuel Bondo of the New Town Baptist Church (a daughter fellowship of the Calvary Baptist Church), thanked Pastor Hale for the presentation. Items presented to the people of Yawajai include, one water purification system, one five hundred gallons poly tank, one water pump, one Tiger generator and one twelve volt battery. Calvary Baptist Church financed the digging of the well from which the water will be taken for purification. The cost for the water system is put at more than USD $ 2,500.00


A Liberian Mission”

September 9, 2013

Dear Friends of Our Lord,

The Point of Hope project in Liberia is moving ahead. There have been water purification systems placed in two Liberian “bush” villages which can purify up to five hundred gallons of water in five minutes. Each of these units cost about $2500. As you might know, unclean water brings serious illness and even death to many Liberians. I am very thankful for the help to purchase the purifiers.

We broke ground for the building on our property at Little Ben Town. The footings and foundations are finished. The next phase is to pour the floor and raise the concrete walls to roof level. This phase will cost about $6000.

On my last trip to Liberia we saw twenty-three souls trust Jesus Christ, most of them in the village of Zan Gar.

My plans are to travel with Pastor Ford Glover to Liberia in October/November 2013.

Please pray for this mission.

In the Grip of His Mission,

Marvis Hale



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