Update on Kent Hovind


Dr. Kent Hovind, still in the Santa Rosa, County Jail in Milton, Florida after being convicted of one count of contempt of Court against Federal Judge Casey Rodgers, will be sentenced on June 12.  Because the Federal Court House in Pensacola needs $30 Million dollars worth of repairs for mold, the sentencing will probably be in Panama City, or some other place in Western Florida.  He is also scheduled for a retrial of the three charges that the jury could not come to a decision on.  This trial will take place on May 18, possibly in Panama City, unless there is a delay.

Bro. Hovind should already be out of prison on the first charges and at the least he should be out on bail, but it is obvious that this is clearly religious persecution.  He has not only spent approximately nine years in prison for non- crimes, but while in prison, he has received diesel treatment by being moved around twenty times from Colorado to Eastern prisons.  This is designed to cause great discomfort, sickness and possible death.  To give the reader a little idea of the attitude of his tormentors, the judge was heard to say recently in court that be “Hovind is the leader of a criminal organization.”  It is important that we all write letters to our congressmen, the judge, and to be there when he goes on trial on May 18.  Please watch this column for updates.


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