Update from Gibraltar – Russian Saved


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Update from Gibraltar – Russian Saved

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Date: Nov 5, 2016 3:30 PM

Dear friends and loved ones,


Sharing word of one’s salvation is always soul stirring wonderful and this weeks update is most confirming. A young Russian man introduced to me months ago by brother Scottsman Ken kept saying he felt like we had a strong connection. His understanding of natural medicine, business marketing and political trends were a match as our conversations flowed to his amazement. His other 3 close friends, Ben, an Athiest from England, Nick and Michael both from Gibraltar all lived across from each other in a high rise apartment within a short walk from the Atlantic. Ken drove me over to visit them several times a week and though they were all in their early twenties they always invited us to join them for dinner and whatever they were up to doing for fun. Always respectful of me and the ministry and the fun we had was all God honoring.


4 times in a row I met the Russian on my way to the superstore grocery store and we then went for dinner and I was able to share Christ with him and invite him to Church. He commented he believe God arranged our surprise unplanned meetings and on the last meet up I shared our New Love Church was meeting that night and another missiinary, brother Nick, would be there and he was looking for investors for his start up business venture. That got the Russian to show up and though he said he could only stay for 5 minutes after he heard how Jesus fulfilled every detail of every prophecy pertaining to the Messiah he stayed for the entire Church gathering and didn’t want to leave. He was in Wow of how the Prophet Daniel predicted the very day Jesus would be crucified and so much more. That night brother Nick and I shared powerful evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. Just this week Monday that dear Russian man believed on Jesus being led to Jesus by our salvation team street preacher brother John. Ken, Nick, John and I all worked planting, watering and harvesting as God used our Revive Gibraltar, New Love Church salvation team for His Glory.


Today, street preaching in the streets of Gibraltar was especially fast paced and one of the Russians friend Nick visited with us again today and he too listened to the good news of Jesus. All four have heard the gospel from me and we gave Ben his first Bible. The ministry here is non stop witnessing literally day and NIGHT. Last night brother John ministered to the teens in the town square and many were eager to hear the gospel. When I can stay up that late I’ve gone with John and young people will bring their friends up to you saying ” my friend here wants to know about Jesus.” if only you could be here for just one week and go witnessing here your jaw would drop the mass of precious souls that flow through this super Audubon for the gospel.


As for the religious mafia churches here who receive subsidies from the government to purchase their silence, several of their ministers are starting to warm up to me after their very own missionary openly commented on the significant improvements in the behavior of their highly troubling, disruptive church members after working closely with me in the ministry. When I first arrived two brothers in particular I was told were unruly, went too far and even got arrested for being too aggressive when street preaching. Now, both are surprising everyone of my detractors who instead of working with them complained, ridiculed them and all because they go street preaching and the complainers do not have the courage so they say they can do more for God sitting in their offices. My level of respect for any pastor who goes street preaching is more now than ever. The experience driven Churches here, which are all but one other, are also listening to how blatantly unbiblical their experience, emotion led ministries truly are. There are 7 of them and truly they’re behavior in their churches are literally scaring people away from Christ. This week I began to share the very Bible verses they ignore and both ministers agreed.


I know this was the longest update, only, so much is happening please pray for God’s Truth to prevail in all the churches in Gibraltar I pray for every other minister and church here, they are our family And please pray for Nick, Micharl, Ben and all Gibraltar for salvation and revival.


God richly bless you,




Missions pastor Bill Kruse

Revive Gibraltar


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