UBF Meeting Covered by The Wiley Drake Show Feb. 24 and 25

Drake, W.

Dr. Wiley Drake, Pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church, of Buena Park, California and past 2nd President of the Southern Baptist Convention came all the way from Los Angeles, at his expense, to film the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting at the Victory Baptist Church in Okeechobee, Florida Feb. 24 and 25.  All of the sessions may be found at Archives on the The Wiley Drake Show.  The ratings for the sessions were incredible.  There were over 41,000 viewers Tuesday afternoon as Greg A. Dixon, Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple brought an outstanding message on the love of God and told about the church in Indianapolis starting twenty churches since federal marshals raided the facilities on Feb. 13, 2001.  Following was a presentation by his Father Dr. Greg J. Dixon on Church Government for New Testament Churches.  Pastor Drake addressed those present with an amazing admission.  He said that if he gave up the tax exemption of his church in California that they would lose their property.  What a tragedy in America, a nation that was built on religious freedom, that we have now come to the place that for a church to practice their Biblical faith that they will be driven out into the streets.  Bro. Drake’s church feeds and sleeps approximately seventy homeless people each night in his area.  No doubt many other pastors in America, if honest would make the same confession that Bro. Drake made.  We appreciate his forthright honesty.

The two sermons mentioned above can be heard in their entirety at:

Other sermons and special music can be heard by searching through the archives for the 24th and 25th of February, beginning Mon. 7 pm est and Tues. 9:30 am and Tues. pm at 7 pm.    

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