The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement

Editor’s Note: The following is a book review by Gail Riplinger on the recently released book by Pastor Joey Faust of Venus, TX.

Author: Gail Riplinger | AVPublications

THE WORD: God Will Keep It by Pastor Joey Faust

So few authors do painstaking original research. Dr. James Sightler, Michael Maynard and Barry Goddard graced the 20th century with their original studies, demonstrating the purity of the King James Bible. Now in this, the 21st century, a pastor from Texas, Joey Faust, has blessed the body of Christ with his phenomenal original research. He documents the long-standing history of the view that our beloved King James Bible is the inspired word of God. He cites 335 pages of direct quotations, stretching from the 17th century to the present, demonstrating that men have always believed that the KJB is inspired and not in need of correction and ‘defining’ via questionable Greek sources. Wouldn’t you like to know what people have always believed?

This book is an analecta, that is, a compilation of quotations; it is not the opinions of Faust or any other author. Faust has done an unbelievable amount of digging and research to find these quotations. Christians will be using the quotations he discovered throughout the 21st century. You will not find any other book that will better help you defend the fact that those who believe that the KJB is God’s inspired word are among the MAJORITY throughout history.  I don’t know of any book I have ever read that so blessed, encouraged and brought such rejoicing to my soul. If you love your Holy Bible, it will bless you immeasurably. This is THE book to settle the inspiration debate. Chapters 12 (Can  Translations Be Infallible?) and chapter 13 “The Jericho Scholars” are tremendous.

THIS BOOK also examines the men behind the American Standard Version (1901), and documents their higher criticism and unbelief. The ASV has been called the standard of most modern versions. This book also exposes some of the most infamous followers of Lucifer, as they worked to replace the Authorized Version using propaganda and humanistic education. This book documents a fierce battle that has raged for 400 years! A host of faithful Christians have boldly contended for the infallibility of the AV against an army of Unitarians, Campbellites, Spiritists, Roman Catholics, Rationalists, Higher Critics, Liberals and New-Agers – all united to shake the faith of millions in that Blessed Old Book! These adversaries have not been able to quench the fire. The word of God is not bound. They have cast down the truth, but it has prospered!

This book takes you on a journey through the past four centuries to behold the vast number of Christians that believed the King James Bible is the infallible, inspired, and preserved Word of God. Many of these Christians also warned future generations of the terrible consequences that would arise as a result of forsaking this Holy Bible – consequences that our age has seen come to pass. This book also exposes a web of occultists and false teachers – outside, as well as inside, Christian churches – that have worked to overthrow the faith of multitudes in the King James Bible.

This book is not a repeat of previously presented research, but all new quotations, with complete bibliographic citations.
The quotations in this book are just what you have been looking for to encourage and strengthen the believers.

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