Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered “Extremist”

Prophecy News watch   11/10/2017

A Church of England primary school has found itself thrust into an unexpected controversy over the central doctrine of the Christian faith. What would seem like a normal religious instruction to children has a group of parents complaining such teaching is “extremist.”


Bowing to pressure, then Turvey, the headmaster of St. John’s school in Turn Bridge Wells is broken off the 16 year relationship with Cross Teach an educational charity group.


What is the “potentially damaging ideology” that the children were exposed to? A group of 25 parents have signed their names to a letter complaining that the children were being taught about our sinful nature and, that because of sin, if they didn’t believe in God, “they would not go to a good place when they died.”





The students were said to have been “upset and disturbed emotionally” by this lesson, and as a result, Cross Teach won’t be invited to conduct any more assemblies or Bible lessons.


An unnamed parent explained in a statement to the press, “I do know some of the children have been upset by what they have heard. No one minds Nativity plays and Bible stories, but considering most of the parents at the school aren’t practicing Christians, I think the feeling is that it’s all too much.”


Non-practicing Christians sending their children to a church-run school is not unusual.  But when those same parents complain that they are being instructed in the basic tenets of Christianity and advocate for the school to bar further such religious instruction, the irony is overwhelming.


Despite the fact that Headmaster Turvey has broken off the school’s longstanding relationship with Cross Teach, he said in a public statement, “I do not believe Cross teach has done anything wrong.


They do not deserve the tarnishing of their good name and allegations of extremism that have taken place over the last few months.” Even the parents raising complaints fail to cite specific horrific descriptions, graphic imagery of tormented Hell-scapes or age-inappropriate instruction or threats to the children.


For their part, Cross Teach defended themselves by saying, “In 16 years of Christian schools work no teacher has ever raised a concern that something has been said that could be interpreted as in any way ‘hateful’ or ‘extremist’ and we strongly refute this current parental allegation.


On the contrary, schools have consistently expressed appreciation for the contribution that Cross teach has made and for the quality of the work,” according to their National Director Wayne Harris explained.


When our culture is taught that all truth is relative and there are many paths to God, we see why many have no objection to filling students’ heads with cute Bible stories but demand they be shielded from anything that may be upsetting – especially the subject of sin and hell.  Yet without these essential teachings the gospel is left incomplete.


Sadly, even in most churches today you won’t hear the word “sin” mentioned as pastors shy away from topics that are perceived as negative or controversial.


We are in a dangerous place today. We need to confront again the message of the Bible about sin and it’s never too early to start.


(Publisher’s note: “Part of the problem is thinking that we can educate the children of unbelievers.  For the most part we cannot, especially in this post-Christian era.  For some time now, I have been predicting that there will be a court case where it will be claimed that some preacher and church, by preaching on specific sin and the reality of hell and the Lake of Fire, will have caused mental and emotional harm to some child or even an adult. If the church is incorporated, they will claim that they are not suing the church but rather the corporation.”)


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