237 – Aug. 25 – This Day in Baptist History Past

Salvation Free to All 1843 – Ephraim Moore, who was born on July 1, 1793, saw his efforts against the hyper-Calvinist’s who taught that, “salvation is for the elect only”, and those Baptists who believed that, “the gospel should be preached to every creature” come to fruition. On this day and the next, the joint convention of representatives of the…

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Wanda Dixon’s Birthday Today – A Tribute by Dr. Greg J. Dixon

As life goes, things never quite work out the way we would like it to be.  If it would, yesterday’s entry of This Day in Baptist History Past should have been today.  It was about the godly wives of Benjamin Keach, the pastor at the Baptist church in Horsleydown, London in 1668.  You can go to The Trumpet on Line…

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