Normalization of Sharia law accelerates A new book aimed at children in Sweden is entitled Grandpa Has Four Wives in another example of how Sharia law is being normalized as the country takes in thousands of Muslim migrants. The book, named Farfar har fyra fruar in Swedish, has been published in both Swedish and Somali and is aimed at 3-6 year olds. “Asli…

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NEW JESUIT POPE – The Jesuit Oath Exposed

(Note from Admin – A new pope is being praised and lauded but few are understanding the significance of the fact that this is the first JESUIT POPE in history.  Therefore, we are sharing the oath of the Jesuits to show that this is no mistake as the Catholic Church wishes to control the world.)   The Jesuit Oath Exposed…

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Obama advances globalist ‘2-ocean’ plan

Grandiose expansion of ‘North American Union’ pushed by Bush                                                                   NEW YORK – President Obama has revived George W. Bush’s Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America effort with a grandiose trade plan that transcends the continent to encompass both the Atlantic and Pacific spheres.In his State of the Union address Feb. 12, Obama announced a two-ocean, globalist…

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