California School Bans Tag, Says Game ‘Too Rough’

Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom, California has banned the game of tag. Principal David Frankel sent a note home to parents saying, “Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.” Why would this time-honored tradition of playground fun get the axe? According to school district spokesman Daniel Thigpen, things…

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Technocratic elites realize electronic devices are tools of distraction, dumbing down by ADAN SALAZAR | INFOWARS.COM A recent New York Times article exemplified how technological and billionaire elites live by different standards than they prescribe to the American populace. A piece entitled “Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent,” discusses how the late Apple CEO refused to allow his children to play…

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America’s New Religion: Nihilism

Author: Sam Blumenfield If you want to know why American popular culture has become so strange and raunchy, it’s because we have a new popular religion that now also permeates public education: Nihilism, or Nothingism. Its holy scripture is Rolling Stone magazine, where writers use the “F” word and other similar repulsive expressions routinely in its pages. Recently I happened…

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