Updates From Liberian Missionary Marvis Hale

  Safe Drinking Water for Yawajai Town, Todee District On Thursday, April 11, 2013, the people of Yawajai in Todee district were recipients of a safe drinking water purification system. Making the presentation to the town chief and the pastor of the church, Rev. Marvis Hale of the Villa Baptist Church in Indianapolis, USA said safe drinking water is the…

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112– April 21 – This Day in Baptist History

Ordination of “Colored” Billy Harriss The history of the First Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia, records the fact that “colored deacons” were elected, whose duty it was to watch over slave and free Negro members.  According to custom, the church licensed certain colored men who, by consecration and aptitude, seemed best fitted to ‘exercize their spiritual gifts in public.’ “…

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