Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting – Paducah, KY – Oct. 21-23, 2013

It is only a few days until the 29th Annual National Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting convenes at the Victory Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky.  Paducah, a city of 60,000 population where the Ohio and the Tennessee River converge  is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mid-west.   It is also the home of one of America’s most picturesque preachers,…

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Obama Celebrates Islamic Ramadan With 5th Annual Iftar Dinner

  July 27, 2013 | Filed under: Highlights,Law & Government,Life & Society,Top Stories | By: Heather Clark WASHINGTON – Barack Obama celebrated the Islamic holiday of Ramadan on Thursday by hosting his fifth annual Iftar dinner, a tradition that began with then President Bill Clinton and was continued by Bush and Obama. Members of the Obama administration, Congress and others of the Muslim religion were present…

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