Suicide on the Installment Plan By Dr. Greg J. Dixon


Justice John Paul Stevens

As most people know there is more than one way to commit suicide, the fast way and the slow.  I, being a first class coward, prefer neither.  America seems to prefer the slow method.  If what David said is true, Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD (Ps 33:12a), then actions not just words would determine whether this is true or not.  The actions of a nation are exhibited by the “law system” of that nation.  Therefore, the religion of a nation determines the “Law System” of the nation.  For instance, Muslim nations reflect their god Allah by adopting the laws of their “law book” which is the Koran.  That “law system” is Sharia Law.  The purpose of this article is not to explore Sharia, except to say that under Sharia, Polygamy is legal and sodomy is illegal.  Now America, not declaring itself officially a Christian nation, never the less, in innumerable ways, have held itself out to be a Christian Nation, representing the Christian God and adopting the Bible as it’s “Law Book”, and its moral code The Ten Commandments as the basis for its criminal and civil law system.  And those Commandments are actually engraved in stone, over the Justices of the Supreme Court.  Practically every Federal Court, even in 2016 opens with the Bailiff saying, “All stand,” and them something to the effect that in the name of Almighty God this court is open and then introduces the Honorable Judge who will preside over the court.  I’ve been there, it is one of the most solemn experiences I have ever had in my entire life.

Our laws were divided into two parts.  The first and second table of the law, just like there were two tables given to Moses and just like Paul said in Rom. 13.  Roger Williams taught this in his outstanding book, The Bloody Tennent.  There was to be a clear separation between religion and state, but not God or morality and state.  This same principle was taught by our founding fathers.  The state could enforce moral laws, which were outward, such as men committed against one another like murder, theft, lying, fornication which included all sex outside of marriage, and adultery within the marriage covenant.  But government was not to enforce the first table which includes sins of the heart or mind that involves worship, such as the first commandment, blasphemy, the day of worship, etc.  As long as America, primarily the states upheld these laws, including adultery, sodomy, public nudity, public drunkenness, pornography, incest, pedophilia, etc. we were blessed by the God of the Bible.   We prospered financially with a  small national debt, we continued to gain territory, we won national wars, and we had religious liberty.)  But as we forgot God and began to commit these sins mentioned above and others against God and the Bible and trample on our law system to the point that they were totally unenforceable, and one by one they have been taken off of the books to the place that our laws no longer reflect our Law System, except in the Criminal and Civil Justice system to some extent.

Our national debt has now climbed to twenty trillion dollars some say collectively that it is 100 trillion.  God told Israel that they would be a debtor nation because of their sin.  And then we no longer are able to win at war since WW II.  We lost the Korean War, in Vietnam, and now the war on Radical Islam which we have been waging for over twelve years.  Some are now saying that this may be a hundred year war.  The third way we can see judgment is on the homeland through disease, and directly through terrorism, etc.  And we have seen nothing yet if a dirty bomb is set off in one or more of our cities.

But even after multiple killings, in various areas of our country, including forty-nine in Orlando, there is no sign of remorse or repentance to any extent on the part of Clergy, people or politicians.   Public nudity, drunkenness and blasphemy, especially on TV and the internet is rampant.  However, unless there is a massive Revival and National repentance like that of Ninevah of old, it is highly questionable that this can happen.  For one thing, sin is now codified into our “law system.”  Our nation has changed its god from the God of the Bible to god – government, he even has a name and we even know what he looks like.  His name is “Uncle Sam.”   As long as “Uncle Sam” says that blasphemy is within the rights of the First Amendment, who is an evangelist to say that it isn’t?  If “Uncle Sam” says that you can distribute and read the most horrible, vile, filthy trash ever known to man, even in your corner grocery store and over TV commercials and the internet, who is your preacher to say that you can’t?  When the law gives tax breaks to couples who cohabitate and same sex couples (sodomites), who are your parents to say it is wrong?  When your College dorm allows co-ed dormitories, and turn their collective heads, when they know that they have turned Public Institutions into low class houses of prostitution with the approval of academia, who are your grand-parents to wag their fingers?

This latest Supreme Court decision today is a perfect example of what I am trying to put forth in this article.  In a 4-3 decision the court rejected a challenge to a race-conscious admissions program at the University of Texas, Austin, handing supporters of affirmative action a major victory.  Eliminating the legalese, here is what Justice John Paul Stevens gave as his reasoning for voting with the majority.

Now is it not true that we have been told that “Affirmative Action” is necessary to give equal educational opportunities to minorities?   Now Justice Stevens has the gall to tells us that he voted with the majority to ensure that, White people might enhance their learning experience by what they will gain by receiving their education in an integrated atmosphere.   In other words, it isn’t the education of the minorities that is of interest to the “Law system” that the Justices want to change.  It is the education of the majority.

By the force of Law, they must be exposed to the coming New World Order, i.e., One World Government.  They must be integrated into a melting pot, where in the halls of academia and in these co-ed dorms they will be sexually integrated to enhance the One Worlders stated goal to produce the International “Brown Man”.  And even further so they will be exposed to the LGBT crowd so that the Zero Population growth agenda will be enhanced, which is also a NWO goal.

Yes, when a nation changes its god, it must change its “Law System”, and then it always sacrifices its children to their new god which is what all of this “Affirmative Action” is all about.

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