Richard Mooneyhan’s Granddaughter Killed in Auto Crash

Richard & Anna Rose

Richard and Anna Rose Mooneyhan

We have just received news that their twelve year old granddaughter, was killed in a auto accident this evening on the Florida/Georgia border as they were returning from a wedding in Maryland. She is the daughter of Butch and Melody Force. He is the pastor of the Crossroads Bible Church of Ocala, Florida. She was thrown through the window of the car. She was one of seven children. She was not wearing a seat belt. However it is pretty had to provide that many seat belts for that many, so we are not being critical. Anna Rose is on the way to the scene of the accident to pick up the other children to bring them to their home in Ocala. Some of the children have been taken to the hospital. Please pray for all concerned. We will try and keep you informed.

Bro. Mooneyhan suffered a debilitating stroke several years ago that has left him almost totally incapacitated.  Recently he has been able to walk with a brace through much painstaking therapy and strong will and prayers on his part and many others.

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