Resolution Concerning the Presidency of Donald Trump

Unregistered Baptist Fellowship

Indianapolis Baptist Temple

Oct. 16-18, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana



Evangelicals and fundamentalists have been the most faithful and influential consistency supporting Donald Trump. We are grateful for many things that he has done. There are other things that we believe would make him an even more successful President and would allow us to support him even more.


Whereas, the left wing of American society has attacked the historic, classical and Biblical definition of marriage;


whereas, the left wing of American society has tried to impose gender confusion on American young people:


whereas millions of abortions of innocent babies (who are in what should be the shelter of their mother’s wombs) still take place every year;


whereas it is important for national leaders to avoid the bad example of foul language;

we respectfully request the attention of President Trump to these issues.  Progress in these important challenges would truly make America great again.


May God grant the President of the United States wisdom, safety, good health and every blessing upon his family.



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