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Subject: Fw: ReSeed Chicago – raising the last $25,000 – its clutch time


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Subject: ReSeed Chicago – raising the last $25,000 – its clutch time
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Dear     Friend;  When we first began preparing to raise money for 1,000,000     copies of The Book of Redemption, I knew I would need help from a lot of     friends. Our church is in inner-city Chicago. That means we have very heavy     expenses and a lot of people with limited income. We also subsidize our     Christian school to the tune of about $1,000 a week. We are always limited     financially and we have to be very careful all the time. We would need to     raise about $85,000.

Our plan is     seven days of massive Scripture portion distribution and eight nights     of prayer meetings for the people of Chicago. This will take place from Oct     6 – 13.The last     fourteen weeks have been a great experience. We have raised $60,000.     Contributions have come from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Alaska, Texas, Missouri,     Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North     Carolina, and Canada.

The largest     contributor has been Ravenswood Baptist Church with over $6,000. Another     church gave $5,000. One church made two gifts that totaled over $2,300.     Three churches gave $2,000. Several have given $1,000 and we have had many     gifts of $500 or less. We have had gifts from churches, individuals, a     children’s home, two Bible Colleges and three missions boards. The most     touching gift came from one of our primary girls at Ravenswood. She brought     me an envelope with a dollar in it.I am deeply     grateful for each gift. I know how tough the economy is right know.

Now I have to     raise $25,000 over the next ten days. It has to be done. It cannot be done     later. It must be done now.  I am devoting the next 48 hours to asking     for 100 gifts of $250.00. I know that it is difficult to raise large     amounts of money in such a short time but I am hoping that 100 friends of     this project can come up with $250.00 each during this short period of     time.Please send     gifts to Ravenswood Baptist Church, 4455 N. Seeley Ave, Chicago, IL 60625.     Please send them soon and remember that the  Chicago post     office  consistently is rated the second slowest post office in     America ( congratulations to San Diego which beats us every year). It would     be great if we got a call or am email telling us what checks are coming. i     really need your help right now.

Most of the     logistics are done. We are assigning territories right now.We have already     seen real blessing. A man from Chicago was visiting his brother in Texas.     He knew he needed to be in church but had no idea what church to go to. He     visited his brother’s church and they were praying for Reseed Chicago. He     was intrigued. He came to Ravenswood the next Sunday and trusted     Christ several days later.

Please join us     in prayer that God will open the hearts of the people of Chicago.Pastor Phil     Stringer, Ravenswood Baptist Church, Chicago


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