Poll: Why Was Hillary Not Charged?


A new ABC News/Washington Post poll out Monday has some 56 percent of Americans wondering why Hillary Clinton was not charged for mishandling top secret information.

Having watched FBI Director James Comey’s press conference last week, it raised more questions about Hillary than it answered.

A number of legal experts, including Newsmax blogger Alan Dershowitz, have been perplexed by why Comey was deciding on whether Hillary should be indicted. Such a decision has always been in a prosecutor’s purview. The FBI is simply an investigatory agency.

Comey also said if anyone else did what Hillary did, they likely would have suffered consequences.” He didn’t identify the punishments, but the bureau’s Hillary decision gives the appearance of unequal justice.

As a nation we have always lived with the ideal that no one is above the law.
After watching Comey, that view clearly has been shaken.
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