Planned Parenthood Nebraska Unveils Pro-Baby Murder License Plates

Planned Parenthood’s Nebraska franchise has introduced vehicle license plates for state residents who want to highlight their support of abortion. The Omaha World-Heraldnewspaper reported that Nebraska’s premier abortion provider unveiled the blue and pink “My Body, My Choice” license plates on December 30 after going through a lengthy process with the state that included over 250 applications.

The abortion plates come in response to the “Choose Life” license plates introduced in November by pro-life Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. “Life is precious,” Ricketts said at a ceremony unveiling the pro-life plates, “and public officials have a duty to stand up and be a voice for the unborn and most vulnerable.”

Abortion lobbyists initially insisted that license plates should not include politically motivated messages. “Our response on this issue is that Planned Parenthood does not believe taxpayers should have to subsidize political statement license plates,” Lauren Williams, a strategist for Planned Parenthood Nebraska, said in response to the measure allowing for the “Choose Life” plates. The response is incredibly ironic, since taxpayers are forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that Planned Parethood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and many taxpayers oppose abortion.

After failing to stop the legislation providing for the pro-life plates, abortion activists decided to counter with license plates of their own promoting their favorite murderous procedure.

Meg Mikolajczyk, a spokesperson for Nebraska’s Planned Parenthood office, insisted that “the majority of Nebraskans and Americans overall believe that a woman should maintain her right to reproductive choice.” She said the abortion plates would give Nebraskans an opportunity “to voice their own opinion on issues of women’s health — opinions that don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the governor, lieutenant governor, and some senators.”

Both the pro-life and pro-abortion plates became available to Nebraska residents as of January 1. Sandy Danek, president of Nebraska Right to Life, said that the “Choose Life” plates offer pro-life Nebraskans “another venue with which to show their support for children and their mothers and to hopefully further inculcate a pro-life message among those who might be considering abortion.”

LifeNews.con noted that Nebraska is the 30th state to offer the “Choose Life” license plates. “According to Choose Life America, an organization that encourages states to approve the plates, proceeds from the sales have raised about $24 million to help pregnant and parenting families and adoptions,” the news site reported. “In the Midwest, Indiana raised $650,000, and Ohio raised more than $500,000. Both states have more than 25,000 vehicles with ‘Choose Life’ plates, according to the organization.”

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