New York Post Stands by Trump


NY Post: Obama Allies Out to Destroy Trump


By Jeffrey Rodack   |   Monday, 06 Mar 2017 09:38 AM

President Donald Trump’s foes have “waged a by-any-means-necessary campaign” to throw out the election results, the New York Post charged in an editorial.

“President Trump’s claim that his predecessor bugged Trump Tower during the election has sent the media into fits, wondering where on earth he could’ve gotten such an idea,” an editorial in the Post said. “But it’s all-too-obvious why Trump would be suspicious.”

And the newspaper added: “Officials (likely Obama-era holdovers) have broken the law and leaked what they hoped would be damaging info. Groups tied to Obama have stirred up angry protests against Trump and other Republicans.”

It claimed that the Obama administration “has a record of abusing power for political gain.” And it noted the IRS had targeted conservative groups while Obama was in office…

“…But what is truly lacking in solid evidence is the claim that there was some sort of collusion between Trump or his aides and Russian officials to hijack the election,” the Post editorial board said.

But they went on to say that this is all Trump’s foes want to talk about, but at this point it is difficult to know whether Trump’s office was bugged or not.  “there’s little doubt why Trump might think the worst,” the newspaper said.”

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