New Report on Hovind/Hansen Trial – Hovind encourages supporters over outcome

Hovind, Kent

By Greg J. Dixon

Kent Hovind, possibly facing decades in prison, after already spending nearly nine years in federal facilities all over the nation, was upbeat about the possibilities of the outcome of his trial that is proceeding in federal court in Pensacola, Florida at the present time in a phone call from Santa Rosa, County Jail in Milton, Florida this evening.


We were surprised considering that he could be facing decades more in prison after already having spent nearly nine years in various federal facilities across the nation where he has been moved approximately twenty times in what is known in prison jargon as, diesel therapy.


Hovind and co-defendant Paul Hansen’s trial is proceeding in federal court in Pensacola for mail fraud, and in Hovind’s case, contempt of court also.  The mail fraud charge has grown out of Hovind apparently using the U.S. Postal Department to file an appeal of his case and the contempt charge came about because he claims that it was his ministries trust, not himself that filed the appeal after Judge Casey Rodgers forbid him not to file such.


Even though he acknowledged that they were in an Article III Court and that they were not recognizing their constitutional guarantees that he still believed that the truth would win out.  There was no court today.  Apparently the government will finish their case tomorrow and then their public defenders will put on their defense tomorrow.  Their supporters are filing reports daily, even though it is difficult without being able to take notes in the court room.  Following are the links for today from his friend from Texas Rudy Davis.


Complaint filed in Kent Hovind Trial



Kent Hovind talks about the trial

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