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Hi dear friends and loved ones,


This morning’s early announcement of a totally new email address will hopefully pave the way for a smooth transition. The new address is:


Till this account is cancelled as I was advised it may soon be I’ll continue to she’d more light on the spiritual state of Gibraltar from this account since the contact transfer feature does not work here and I need to manually resubmit every contact in a few days when my right eye strain heals.


In Gibraltar a religious mafia exists made up of Church miss leaders who’ve unwisely joined and promote Satan’s ecumenical movement. All Churches but two are formally members of an unholy alliance and these are the very pastors who’s preaching is so horrid they literally CONFUSE THEMSELVES AND OTHERS when
ever they open their mouths. Every pastor here except one teaches experiential based philosophy in violation of Proverbs 3:5 which teaches us to not EVER lean on our very own understanding. One Church here worships our Lord Jesus Christ in a very lovely way yet they too openly reject the Holy scriptures on several points and what’s most outrageous is every Church here teaches opposite the Holy Bible pertaining to Acts 5:29 ” we ought to obey God rather than man.” So, when teaching Christians here to stand for righteousness AND AGAINST UNRIGHTEOUSNESS every one here curls up in a fetal position and turns into a go along to get along spineless jellyfish. The brainwashing here that we Christians are to go along with whatever earthly tyrants say and do and never stand up to such has led me to avoid inviting any Gibraltian CHURCHED Christian to our New Love Church gatherings and only invite those who are new to Christianity. Ironically, the ecumenical, experienced based Churches here have launched an all out campaign to actually intimidate Christians from attending our Church and in so doing have blessed us two days ago with our first Church gathering of only those  new to Christ and what a refreshing joy that was. To be able to preach what the Bible says without a bunch of Spiritually constipated brainwashed Christians to confuse everyone was awesome.


All that to share THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE SOUND CHURCH here in all Gibraltar. So, please pray God will grow our new Church so we can offer God’s simple plan of salvation to every man, woman and child in Gib and not have incompetent false teachers confusing themselves and others to the extent it is here today. As lovely as many of the Christians are here they all eventually lean on their own understanding meaning their off the wall spiritual experiences so horribly there’s not one sound Christian among them. May we take great care to study God’s Holy Word and as seriously as the Here and who were called “MORE NOBLE” by God for Acts 17:11 states “they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily to see whether things be so.” The trend today of simply jumping, leaping to conclusions about the things of God based on one’s experiences or worse the wild eyed claims of others has proven to be a clear and present disaster here in Gibraltar. Satan knows Gibraltar is a key location with over 7 million visitors flowing thru here annually from every part of the world it’s no wonder the devil is working extra overtime to attack any Bible believing Church from taking root here. If a Bible based Church grew here to the point we could have street preachers effectively reaching these precious souls with the gospel of Christ the flow of the good news of Jesus would quickly spread to every corner of the world. So please pray for our New Love Church and that others will come to Gibraltar. Two weeks ago another EXPERIENCED BASED missionary showed up and within 24 hours turned all the experienced based Christians away from our Church which turned out to be quite an amazing blessing with Wednesday’s Church gathering turning out so well.


I pray you’ll consider supporting this Save More Souls ministry. In the first 6 weeks the witnessing and street preaching was so intense both day AND NIGHT that now everyday I walk the streets people I shared Christ with recognize me stop me and as this happens I’m setting up weekly appointments with them. The next month is vital. If you feel led to support this ministry financially please let me know at the new email address so we can make arrangements.


pastor Bill Kruse

Revive Gibraltar

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