Nancy Pelosi reveals 4-step Plan for Gay Agenda

Pelosi, Nancy

Nancy Pelosi, (D-Cal)

From Chaplain Klingenschmidt, Ph.D

San-Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has announced her 4-step plan to promote the homose xual agenda in Congress, reports

“By legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ nationwide, the U.S. judiciary gave Democrats something they could not achieve legislatively,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a press conference Thursday.

Pelosi at the same time also disclosed the party’s four-part agenda to promote acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle across the nation.

1.)  The first leg was “hate crimes” legislation.

“Just to place where we are in context from the standpoint of Congress, when we came into the majority we had four points,” she said, “it was a four-legged stool of what we wanted to accomplish – to pass a fully inclusive hate crimes legislation.”

“This was was achieved through the 2009 ‘Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act,’ expanding existing law to include criminalization of acts of violence motivated by ‘actual or perceived gender, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity of any person.’

2.)  “Pelosi’s second leg, repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and compelling protection of open homosexuality in the military, “would not have happened without the president’s leadership and courage,” she stated.

3.)  Number three was establishment of homosexual ‘marriage,’ accomplished through the Supreme Court in the Obergefell case.

4.)  The fourth leg of the stool is passage of ENDA, which creates new protected classes, threatens employers’ religious liberty and livelihoods, and has been criticized by the US Bishops for its potential to punish those holding traditional views on sexuality and biology. The Act has not been passed.

“There’s one other piece, which is ENDA, ending discrimination in the workplace, which is really a very important piece of the agenda,” Pelosi said, according to World Net Daily. “But as we were seeing the successes and the momentum, especially of the marriage equality, we saw the opportunity to do something bigger” (with The Equality Act).

“Pelosi added in her remarks on the latest Democrat-proposed legislation yesterday that some had opposed the inclusion of ‘transgender’ in the measure, but this opposition was rejected and the move to keep “transgender” as a class in the Act succeeded.

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