Mrs. Elaine Wilson Celebrates Her 98th Birthday – Dr. Greg J. Dixon

Elaine Wilson


Elaine Wilson, the wife of the late Dr. Art Wilson, celebrated her ninety-eighth birthday with her son Paul and his wife along with a few close friends, at the Jordan Creek Care Center in Springfield, Missouri Sunday, August the fourth.  Rev. and Mrs. Bill Hathaway and Rev. and Mrs. Bill Anderson also paid a visit to her during the week.  Even though she is quite feeble she still recognizes everyone and is able to carry on a most intelligent conversation.  I called her Sunday evening and she knew me and we had a blessed conversation.  I love her like my own mother as she was my pastor’s wife and also had a very special part in my conversion to Christ and growth in the Lord.  We have stayed in touch through the years.  Dr. Wilson was the founder and pastor of the Wichita Baptist Tabernacle and President of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International three times.   Their daughter Rose, of Wichita, Kansas passed away this past week at sixty years of age.


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