MODESTY: A Deeper Understanding by Evangelist Doug Sehorne.

MODESTY: A Deeper Understanding by Evangelist Doug Sehorne.

This booklet conveys the Biblical basis for modesty among Christian people. In a day of immodesty, lust, fornication and adultery, this message will give the answer as to WHY God demands modesty for his people. Most books on the subject tell you the what of modesty, but this booklet explains the underlying truth behind God’s demand for modesty.

Chapters such as: THE BIBLE DISCOURAGES INTIMATE RELATIONS DURING TIMES OF PRAYER AND SANCTIFICATION, will bring a whole new meaning to the term modesty. You will not read anything like this book available today, well worth the small price! Every Christian, especially the women, need to read this booklet.

The booklet is available in Kindle format on Amazon for only $2.99 and in PDF format from the author.  You can email Brother Sehorne at: for payment via PayPal or Credit Card by phone.  Paperback edition will be available soon in 6 x 9, 40 pages.  Email the author to reserve a copy.

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