Long Run Baptist Church Statement on Allegations Against Pastor Joey Faust

faust, Joey

Pastor Joey Faust has been the pastor of a Fundamental Baptist Church for over twenty years. He has been boldly standing for the truths of God in many areas – salvation by grace through faith alone, the infallible preservation of God’s holy and inspired word, the accountability of the Christian at the judgment seat, and standards of holiness and order in family matters.

During this time, he has shown himself to be a man of impeccable integrity, ruling his house and his children well.

Now, whenever a man preaches the truth, slanderers and liars – enemies of the truth – will arise to oppose him. A preacher (or his church) ought not to answer every fool according to his folly.

But recently, an allegation of misconduct has been made against him for which the church believes a response is needful. The allegation is that he battered or abused his wife. This is false – there is no merit to this accusation.

It has also been suggested he justifies domestic violence by calling it Christian Domestic Discipline. This is also false. He actually wrote a book against CDD.

The Bible says that it is important to know the source of an accusation. The false accusers and slanderers in this instance are themselves guilty of sins worthy of disfellowship. We unanimously reject these slanderous accusations.

On behalf of the Congregation of Long Run Baptist Church,

Deacon Orlando Esparza

Deacon Sophek Tounn

Matthew 18:18

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