Jeb Bush started dossier nonsense on Trump

It Turns Out Jeb Bush is the Guy Who’s Started All the #GoldenShowers” Nonsense


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The Ralph Retort
January 13, 2017

Imagine being Jeb Bush right now.

He raised the most money of any Republican candidate for president during the primary stage of the the 2016 cycle (more than all the other candidates combined, in fact). He was preordained by the media and the GOP Establishment as the man who was going to be their standard-bearer.  Not only did he fail at becoming the nominee, he was humiliated and memed into oblivion. Him and his family repeatedly spoke out against Donald Trump, even after Trump secured the nomination. And now, come to find out, Jeb Bush is also the one behind the ridiculous “#PissGate/#GoldenShowers” nonsense.

From Reuters

Steele was initially hired by FusionGPS, a Washington, DC-based political research firm, to investigate Trump on behalf of unidentified Republicans who wanted to stop Trump’s bid for the GOP nomination. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that Steele was initially hired by Jeb Bush, one of Trump’s 16 opponents in the 2016 Republican primary. It was not immediately possible to verify the BBC’s report.

He was kept on assignment by FusionGPS after Trump won the nomination and his information was circulated to Democratic Party figures and members of the media.

What a fitting end for ol’ Jeb. He just keeps on losing to Trump on every level imaginable.

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