Invitation Letter from Matt Roller, Host Pastor – UBF Meeting

Life Center at Southport

Home of Indianapolis Baptist Temple


Invitation Letter from Matt Roller, Host Pastor

33rd Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Meeting

October 16-18

Indianapolis Baptist Temple


4002 E. Southport Rd

Indianapolis, Indiana 46237



August 22nd, 2017


Dear Pastors and Friends,


I want to invite you to the upcoming Unregistered Baptist Fellowship National Conference on October 16th-18th held at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.


During this conference we will hear from excellent preachers such as Dr. John Weaver, Dr. Don Boys, Pastor Ron McCurry, Rev. Greg Dixon and Dr. Greg Dixon as well as experience wonderful music each night.  We will also have several wonderful preachers and presenters during the day that will be very inspiring and informational.  I believe this conference will be a blessing to you, your family and your church family and I hope that you have already made plans to attend.


If you have attended the UBF Conference in previous years, you will notice that we have made some changes to the schedule.  This year, the church will not provide lunch (however dinner will be provided on Tuesday and Wednesday night), but there are many restaurants in our area with varying price ranges for you to choose from.  After lunch on Tuesday we have scheduled in free time for you to rest in your hotel room, spend extra time fellowshipping with other conference attendees, or take a tour of our inner city church plants.  Following lunch on Wednesday beginning at 2 pm we will have a question and answer session with a panel of seasoned pastors regarding the topic “How to pastor an un-registered church today in the real world”.  During this session, there will be answers to questions such as, “Can an unregistered church have a bank account and/or EIN?” “Can a church own property and have insurance?”  This session will be an informative and practical time that will help any pastor have the answers to these frequently asked questions.


Again, we welcome you to be a part of this great event and hope that after attending, you will be encouraged, emboldened and enthused to continue serving and living for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  May the Lord be exalted and glorified above all!




Pastor Matt Roller

Indianapolis Baptist Temple

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