Hovind/Hansen Hang Jury on All Counts – Except Contempt Charge

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Greg J. Dixon

Following is the brief account from the internet version of the Pensacola News Journal of the verdict in the Hovind/Hansen trial that has been taking place in the court room of Federal District Judge Casey Rodgers over the last two weeks.  This liberal rag is obviously not happy with the decision of the jury letting these men off the hook by finding them in essence “not guilty” by reason of the fact that they, “couldn’t come to a decision on any of the charges except for the counts of “criminal contempt” on both defendants.  However by the huge headline above Bro. Kent’s jailhouse picture you would think that he had just been convicted of rape or murder.  Few would ever understand that a jury in America could possibly find someone guilty of a criminal charge for simply mailing an appeal to the court trying to recover his property that he believed was taken unlawfully by his own government, when one of the most basic rights of our Bill of Rights is, “to petition our Government for a redress of grievances.”

Kent ‘Dr Dino’ Hovind found guilty of contempt

“At 11:09 a.m. the jury in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind returned their verdict convicting Hovind on one of four counts he was facing, and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen on two of five.

Hovind was found guilty of contempt for filing paperwork disputing the government’s right to sell his property. The jury was unable to agree on the three other charges Hovind was facing.”  But as you can see the News Journal headline above this article literally shouted to the public his guilt showing the obvious bias of the Journal.

This is after the government spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to keep Kent Hovind in prison for possibly another twenty years or more for simply trying to file papers with the court to overturn his case that had found him already serving nearly nine years in prison on ridiculous charges which involved he and his wife Jo, withdrawing funds from their own bank account that the feds called, “structuring.”  He had asked John Paul Hansen, a patriot para-legal from Nebraska, to help him when no one else would come to his aide.  One of the things that they did as a defensive move was to file what is called in legal jargon a “les pendens,” which basically is a “buyer beware” instrument which warned any prospective buyer of the Hovind’s ministry property, which was in a trust, that they should be aware that the U.S. Justice Department’s right of seizure and sale of the property was being contested, and that they might not be able to receive a clear title.  However Judge Casey Rodgers gave him strict orders that he was not to file such a document and when he did, cited him with criminal contempt.  Hovind and Hansen, who helped him, took the position that Hovind didn’t file the document, the Trust filed it.  Because they used the mails to send it to the court, she charged them with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.  The jury couldn’t figure out whether they did or didn’t so they just said, it was too deep of a legal river for them to wade in, so they just hung the thing and went home after finding them guilty of criminal contempt.  There is always a chance that the government could try the men again on the counts that the jury did not convict, but experts feel that it would not be worth the time and money.  It would also look like overkill from a PR standpoint.

You can find some excellent information from some of the indefatigable supporters of Hovind, Rudy Davis and Ernie Land by going to YouTube and inserting  LoneStar1776 – YouTube.


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