Here We Go Again Continued – Part III Dr. Greg J. Dixon

Mateen, Omar

Omar, Mateen

We continue to ask these questions concerning the Orlando Pulse Killings until we get the answers that we seek.


  • Why is it that the FBI are prohibited from giving information about these would be terrorist killers to local law enforcement?
  • Why is it that fifteen years after 911 the same excuses are being used for not being able to detect these Muslim terrorists?
  • Why does it seem that Pres. Obama is more angry with Donald Trump than with the Islamic Terrorists?
  • Why did Pres. Obama say that Donald Trump wants to bad entire religious groups. At no time has Trump ever suggested banning all Muslims.
  • Why have the “rules of engagement” not changed since the Korean War in regards to fighting our enemies, foreign or domestic, regardless of the political party in office in Washington, D.C?
  • Why is it that we can’t help but wonder why this isn’t another “false flag” set up by our own government to further the cause of gun control?
  • Why did Disney World warn the FBI in April about this terrorist and nothing was done?
  • The ACLU has blamed the “Christian Right” for the Orlando killings, why?
  • If in fact, as reported by the press, Mateen called a gun store and asked about body armor and ammunition, and talked in Arabic and was told that they did not sell “body armor,” and was considered strange. Why wasn’t this reported to the authorities?
  • Why isn’t the reporter on the scene, reporting to Fox News about Mateen’s elementary record not mentioning his statement about the 911 event. The TV was on, “As the tragedy unfolded, Mateen shouted, ‘Allahu akbar’ or “God is Great.”  As the plane struck, Mateen, shouted, “We did it!”  What does, “We did it,” mean?  Does it mean that the Muslims did it, or that he knew from inside information, through his father’s network, that such an attack was going to happen and, he was announcing that it in fact had happened?

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