Grace Force Memorial Service This Wednesday at 12 Noon

Force, Gracie with family

Little Gracie is at the bottom right

holding her little brother Caleb. She is standing

next to her sister Lydia (in red) , Twin to Mary, standing next to her grandfather,

Bro. Richard Mooneyhan, holding the other baby boy.  Gracies head can barely be seen.


Memorial services for twelve year old Gracie Force will be held in her honor at the Unity Baptist Church in Anthony, Florida this Wednesday at 12 noon.  She was the daughter of Pastor Butch and Melody Force and the granddaughter of Richard and Anna Rose Mooneyhan of Ocala, Florida.  Bro. Force is the pastor of the Crossroads Bible Church in Ocala.  The accident that took the life of little Grace happened on I 95, just past the Florida/Georgia State line, last Saturday evening as the family was returning from a wedding in Maryland.  There were eight people in the Van, driven by Pastor Butch.  No one was seriously injured other than Gracie, but her sister Mary (15), twin to Lydia, who was taken to a Jacksonville Hospital with facial injuries but released over the weekend.  A 19 year old lady over corrected after driving on to the warning strips and clipped the Force’s van, literally flipping it over into the other lane.  All glory to God that with ten people involved and others on the highway that there were not multiple deaths.

We trust that all will stand by this dear pastor and his family at this time with your prayers and gifts.  We trust that every church could receive a love gift.  The Force family have no funds, even for the planned memorial service.   Bro. Mooneyhan’s e mail address is:

The address for Bro. Butch and Melody Force is:

11121 NE 110th ST

Fort McCoy, FL 32134

Web Site for on line gifts:

go fund


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