God Never Says Oops! – Pastor Aubrey Vaughan

You may not understand it all but God has a particular plan for you and you are important.

I do not agree with the hype connected to Texas Governor Perry’s loss of thoughts for a moment and his self-incrimination by the word oops. Anyone who has been under the public eye knows the great pressure that it creates for the thought processes. The Governor still has a lot going for him even though many use that gaffe to ridicule his Christian conservative values.

God never had a lapse of concern when he created mankind on this earth. Even though that man God created turned to his own sinful ways and failed to follow the holiness of God.

God never said oops, “I will make another man”. God has a plan for every person! Yes, even you!

You may think you are not important. However, you are important to someone? If it seems you are not important now, I am sure you were at one time. If you were important to someone at one time in your life, you can be again. It is for certain you are important to God!

One can change the whole equation!

Let me illustrate! The following numerical values are 0.


$ 000,000,000,


But look what happens when one is added to the value.


$ 1,000,000,000


Now look what one can do.


What can one person do?

“I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.  What I can do, I should do.  And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do.”   – Edward Everett Hale


One person won the game after the other four fouled out!

What would you do if your four other teammates fouled out of the game and left you alone to oppose five for the remainder of the game? Well, that is what is reported to have happened to Pat McGee in 1937 and yet he won the game.


One engineer opposed the flight for Challenger.

What would you do if you were the only one to oppose launching the January 28, 1986, space shuttle Challenger sending 6 astronauts and one schoolteacher into the heavens? While everyone else said all systems go, one lone engineer, Allen McDonald, said call off the 1986 Challenger, the O-rings may not be safe! He had the courage to stand-alone. All seven lost their lives because they would not listen to one.


One sponge was important to a nurse!

In the operating room of a large hospital, a young nurse was completing her first full day of responsibilities. “You’ve only removed 11 sponges, doctor,” she said to the surgeon. “We used 12.”

“I removed them all,” the doctor declared. “We’ll close the incision now.”

“No,” the nurse objected. “We used 12 sponges.”

“I’ll take full responsibility,” the surgeon said grimly. “Suture!”

“You can’t do that!” blazed the nurse. “Think of the patient.”

The surgeon smiled, lifted his foot, and showed the nurse the 12th sponge. “You’ll do,” he said.


One Person Died for You!

One person died for your sin and all the sins of mankind. That person was the Lord Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful for that sacrificial act of love and His powerful Resurrection from the dead. I hope you are too. Hallelujah, What a Savior!


You may think you are all alone but you are never all alone. Someone is near. Someone cares. There is a one there for you! The Lord Jesus is alive and concerned about you that “one” person.


Did you know one person decided an election?


In May 2013 at Lytle, Texas ISD School board election one vote won the election. Only one vote was cast but one won!


President Andrew Johnson was the first American president to be impeached, but retained his office by the narrow margin of one vote in the Senate.


In 1824, none of the four Presidential candidates received an electoral majority. The election was again thrown into the House of Representatives, where John Quincy Adams defeated front-runner Andrew Jackson by one vote to become the nation’s 6th president. Andrew Jackson received the majority of the nation’s popular vote.


You may be only one but you are one! For most, someone is depending on you to be all that you can be!


Remember someone is counting on you. Why not let your one count for the here and now and for eternity? Let me know if I can help!


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