Forty Years in Asia results in nearly 1 million souls saved

Moore, Clarence

Missionary Clarence Moore

Dear Dr. Dixon,

Praise the Lord for you “keeping on-keeping on!!”  You are my inspiration, and the main model for our extensive ministry in Asia.  Our latest India Crusade resulted in God’s blessings with 1,186 precious souls saved.  Great numbers were baptized, as usual.  We can now report to you that over 25,000 have been baptized over a lifetime of ministry in five different nations.  We count our full-time ministry from 31 August 1976, when we returned to Korea, still in the Army, but with an assignment that allowed virtually full-time ministry work.  That makes 40 years next week!  We have started 206 churches, and my messages have been interpreted into 29 different languages.  We are now at approximately 950,000 saved against our original goal of one million.  We hope to go well beyond that.  Without your inspiration and example, I honestly do not think any of this would have taken place.


A primary purpose in writing this is to confirm that you received the prayer letter recently with the baptismal pictures.  I know you had requested them, and I realize I was slow in responding.  Our computer was stolen from the church in December, on Christmas day, and I lost 29½ years of files, messages, etc.  We do have the thousands of ministry photos on DVDs that we always ordered from Seattle Film Works.  It will take time, but if you need more baptismal photos, please let me know, and I can send as many as you would like.  Please let me know if the need has been met, or how many more I should send.


Please know that we pray for you and Mrs. Dixon regularly.  We trust that God is providing for all of your needs, and especially good health.  Please be praying that God will provide for the church building and printing needs requested in our latest prayer letter.  The response to date has been meagre.  Additionally, we can bring in Indians and Philippines people to the meetings for about $.95, including returning them to their homes.  Most will get saved.  Presently no funds exist for that purpose.  We beg God daily for these funds, and can do only what He provides for.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and faithful support over the years.  Multiplied thousands will thank you in Eternity forever!  May our Lord richly bless, protect and provide for you!


In His Service, For Souls For THE Saviour,

Pastor & Mrs. Clarence W. Moore

Your Missionaries to Korea and ALL of Asia

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