Evangelist David Porter Gets Good News from Cleveland Clinic

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Evangelist and Debbie Porter

Bro. David Porter called from this morning from the Cleveland Clinic with some very good news.  The tumor that was diagnosed as being shown through having a MRI just a few months ago, is now gone.  The larger tumor that has been there since 2004, however, is still there, but they feel that it may have shrunk a little in size.  Nevertheless, at 69 years of age, he is still in remarkable health as he continues his evangelistic ministry all over the nation.  He still preaches with great spiritual unction and power.  If any is interested in having Bro. David for a meeting, if only for a weekend to tell of this remarkable story of God’s miraculous healing power, please contact him at: David Porter (, or call him at: 616-4337.


His wife Debbie is most talented, on a set of bells, that she plays the great hymns of the faith with unusual dexterity and inspiration.

Also please keep Bro. David and his family on your church prayer lists.



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