Emergency Report From Jon and Becky Liles – Missionaries – Rome, Italy

Dear Support Team-

 I was in an accident yesterday afternoon involving a pedestrian Mrs. Angela Valentini.  She was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and has been checked in for observation.  As of now, she has no broken bones and her CAT scan is good but she is experiencing a lot of pain in her neck.  Please pray for her.

 I will not be able to drive until I go to a  3 month school and obtain an Italian license.  I was also in the “grace period” of renewing my insurance –  that is up in the air.  We will have to pay several unexpected bills now and as you know from our last letter, we are already overwhelmed.  WOULD YOU PLEASE PRAY WITH US?

 This month we have dealt with several unexpected financial issues, medical issues for Kent, Becky, and myself, and faced severe spiritual warfare.  We are at an all time low.  Please pray with us for healing and wisdom.

Jon Liles

Rome, Italy

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