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(Publisher’s note: We want to commend this dear missionary for speaking up on this issue.  Every preacher in America needs to do the same thing immediately.  Paul Ryan (R) Speaker of the House has made a big issue that he can’t yet support Donald Trump for President because he doesn’t know whether he is “Conservative” enough.  Duncan Hunter, a So Called Conservative from California has now pushed this Female draft bill through a committee controlled by Republican Congressmen with many of them Conservatives.  Conservatives in Congress are jokes, including Paul Ryan and here is the proof.  When they have the opportunity to do something they do the wrong thing.  God have mercy on them is all that we can say.  But more than that, God have mercy on our poor daughters and granddaughters who will be the victims of these godless conservatives.  Please contact your congressman immediately and ask him to vote against this wicked bill.)

We are not political activists. We are Baptist missionaries. But we are also parents with daughters and granddaughters, and nieces.


Next week, the week of May 16th, 2016, the U.S. House of Representatives will take up the Defense Authorization Act. It includes an amendment called, “Draft America’s Daughters.”


That Amendment, pushed, believe it or not, by a “conservative” congressman, Duncan Hunter of California, passed committee by a narrow margin. It is, therefore a part of the Defense Authorization Act.


If the Act passes with that amendment, it will be THE LAW that your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces, and the young women in your church congregation register for the draft.


If you are a pastor, and you preach what the Bible says about home, family, and child rearing, can you allow this to simply go by without contacting your representative in Congress in protest against this amendment?


Please read the following article by the CENTER FOR MILITARY READINESS, which is an outstandingly reliable source of information.


We have already telephoned our Congressman’s offices in Washington, DC, and Jeffersonville, Indiana. This anti-home, anti-family, anti-Bible amendment is in the Act already. We have pled that our Congressman should oppose this on the House floor.


We have watched this for more than twenty years. The movement to include females in Selective Service registration is at least that old. Most Christian families have allowed this to go by without standing up. More than two decades ago Rep. Lee Hamilton’s office staff would literally snicker and laugh at me, saying, “This will never happen, because Selective Service registration is for lining up ground combat troops, and after all, women will never be allowed to serve in combat.” I have letters to that effect signed by Rep. Lee Hamilton, Rep. Mike Sodrel (successor), then Baron Hill (successor), and even from Rep. Todd Young.


But NOW we come to female registration for selective service being debated and most likely voted on by the full House of Representatives next week.


I do not know where you stand, be we stand against women being forced to register for the draft, and hold the position that women should never be in combat roles. It is a black mark on our nation’s dignity. It is one part of the attempted impedance of the the practice of Christianity. It means further destruction of our homes and families. . . and churches.






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Bible-believing and practicing Baptist churches in the United States should at this time be in a state of preparation to become underground churches sooner rather than later.

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