Dr. Carl Baugh – Creation Scientist to Speak at Baptist Temple 10:30 am Sept. 14

Baugh, Carl

Dr. Carl Baugh, one of the most prolific Creation Scientists today, from Glen Rose, Texas who is one of the headliners for the Creation Science Expo at the Life Center at Southport, 4002 Southport Rd, Indianapolis, Indiana, will speak at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple at 10:30 am tomorrow morning – Subject: The Folly of Evolution.  The Creation Expo will continue at the Life Center through Wed. Sept. 17 with speakers daily from 9:30 – 11:30 am and each evening at 7 pm.  beginning at 7 pm.  Dr. Baugh speaks again on Tuesday evening on the subject – “Examining the Fossil Record”.  Jay Wile speaks Monday evening – Subject – “Current Creation News.” He speaks again onWednesday evening on the subject – “The Creation/Evolution Controversy.”  Separate youth programs each morning beginning at 9:30 am.  Academic Credit given. Dr. Fred Boyd of Indianapolis is the Director of the Expo.

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