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Indian with B slave


Indian (In hat) with his black slave.  Some Indians had scores of black slaves.  Some blacks had many black slaves.

1) That black slavery originated when Africa’s own kings found profit in selling their own people to other tribes then branched out to Europeans and Muslims but I never hear blacks call out Muslims, why?


2) That the very first American to own a slave was – wait for it…… A BLACK MAN named Anthony Johnson.


3) That NO ONE today, and for a very long time in AMERICA has been a black slave or owned one, so they make themselves slaves to their own weak minds.


4) That black slavery is STILL HAPPENING in Africa and the entire middle east so why not protest that?


5) That EVERYONE have been slaves throughout history, not only blacks but whites, (IRISH INCLUDED), Asians, Christians, Jews ( who by the way had it WORSE than anyone during the Nazi regime yet still thrive as a people and do not blame people who had nothing to do with it)


6) That MILLIONS of WHITE Americans gave their lives BELIEVING they were fighting for the freedom and dignity of blacks during the civil war but THIS fact seems to have been forgotten.


7) That there were black freemen that owned WHITE slaves in America so I could accuse any black of owning MY great grandfather if I choose to, but in good conscience I cannot blame people for something they never did …


8) That as shameful as black slavery was the white Irish slavery outnumbered black slavery considerably.


9) That the Chickasaw Indians were the LAST in America to free their slaves, LONG after the passage of the 13th Amendment.


10) That hundreds of thousands of blacks are STILL slaves in many Muslim countries.


11) That DEMOCRATS fought to keep slavery & republicans fought to end it from the very beginning…


12) That blacks owned white and black slaves too so where are WHITE SLAVERY REPARATIONS?!? ENOUGH with the racist “white privilege” and “victim” mentality, please.  Slavery is still happening to women TODAY in Islam but few are talking about that.


Submitted by Bill Binkley of Melbourne, Florida

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