Dan Scalf – Report From Cyprus

PLEASE REPOST…. Dear friends, Today I fly from Cyprus back to Athens where we expect standing room only of Muslims and former Muslims to come here the gospel. We will feed them a meal and share the gospel many have been and are being born again. Please pray for our worship leader who remains in jail on false charges. Then on Jan. 11th we begin a 800 mile journey across Turkey with Humanitarian Aid and the gospel for refugee camps in Iraqi- Kurdistan. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS…. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT… another one of the Pastors in Iran was arrested two days ago….. THEY AR GIVING ALL CANNOT ALL OF US GIVE SOME…. — inLarnaca, Cyprus.


PS we had two Iraqi’s saved in the Turkish zone here on Cyprus I preached in an old Anglican Church which the Russian Church is renting in goesd back to the crusades many Muslims came and two got saved,,,,  At a Muslim University in the North 200 have come to the Lord and  Nigerian Pastor is pastoring they are mostly foreign students.,… Pray for us…


Much love to your wife, family, sister Barbara and all…. love ya much

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