Chick-fil-A target of homosexual activists

Gov. Mike Huckabee urges people who support natural marriage to eat at a Chick-fil-A on August 1.

Because Chick-fil-A supports natural marriage, homosexual activists and their supporters in the liberal media want to do Chick-fil-A harm.  Here is what Gov. Mike Huckabee said about the stand supporting natural marriage Chick-fil-A has taken.

“I have been incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick Fil-A company because the CEO, Dan Cathy, made comments recently in which he affirmed his view that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld.

“The Cathy family, led by Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, are a wonderful Christian family who are committed to operating the company with Biblical principles and whose story is the true American success story. Starting at age 46 Truett Cathy built Chick-fil-A into a $4 billion a year enterprise with over 1600 stores. At 91, he is still active in the company, but his son Dan runs it day to day as CEO. It’s a great American story that is being smeared by vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry from the left.”

Please join me in showing our appreciation to Chick-fil-A by eating at one of their restaurants on August 1.  Also, bring along a friend.  Let’s make this the largest one day sales in Chick-fil-A history.

Announce it in church.  Urge your Sunday School class to participate.  Don’t carry signs or have speeches.  Just go and eat a good meal.

Mark the day: August 1.  All day long!

Let us do what Governor Huckabee is urging.  “Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant. This effort is not being launched by the Chick-fil-A company and no one from the company or family is involved in proposing or promoting it.”

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Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
American Family Association

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