The Baptist-on-Baptist fight within Georgia’s ‘religious liberty’ debate

BIll Coats – Pastor – First Baptist Church – Gainesville, Georgia April 2, 2016 | Filed in: gay marriage, Georgia Legislature, Nathan Deal, Religious liberty bills. Comments 59 Gov. Nathan Deal announces that he was vetoing religious liberty legislation at a Monday press conference in his ceremonial office. Bob Andres, Very seldom do you hear governors wax theological. Even…

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Governor Deal Caves to Perverts, Hollywood, and Big Business!

Don Boys, Ph.D.   Governor Nathan Deal permitted himself to be bullied, badgered, and blackmailed into doing a shameful, sordid, and senseless act. He vetoed legislation (House Bill 757) that would have protected churches, Christian schools, mission boards, etc., from militant, mad, and malicious homosexuals. Contrary to published reports the bill would not have protected Christian-owned businesses in their…

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