Robert Mueller Is Hiding a Secret That Spells Big Trouble For Trump

Robert Mueller Great American Daily Newsletter Aug. 2, 2017 Special Counsel Robert Mueller is gunning for Donald Trump. His investigation into the Russian collusion is designed to get the President. Now he’s been called out for hiding things that spell big trouble for Trump. Donald Trump has repeatedly called the special counsel investigation into the alleged Russian collusion a witch…

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Democrat Russian Connection

John Podesta SOURCE:   (Angry Patriot) – May 14, 2017 New connections to Russia emerge, as Democrats flounder to accuse President Trump of being Vladimir Putin’s puppet. But it’s who those connections line up with that will have you up in arms. New evidence indicates that Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russian government. Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was on the board of…

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Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia

  John Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia While Advising Clinton and Obama   Posted on May 21, 2017 by Pamela Geller   Freedom’s Phoenix May 22, 2017   JOHN PODESTA, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON’S 2016 NATIONAL CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN, MAY HAVE VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW BY FAILING TO DISCLOSE THE RECEIPT OF 75,000 SHARES OF STOCK FROM A KREMLIN-FINANCED COMPANY WHEN HE…

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