Many military Chaplains afflicted for Christ

Anti-Jesus Complainers Many military Chaplains afflicted for Christ From Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmidt, Phd. My friend Chaplain Sonny Hernandez explains the plight of modern military chaplains: “In the US Armed Forces, Bible-believing military chaplains will be subjected to affliction. Chaplains that believe in the power of the Gospel and put their faith into practice—will be reprehended, reviled, slandered, not be liked or popular,…

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Hobby Lobby sues to maintain religious beliefs

11-12-2016 • Snopes – and story behind 2012 USA Today Article Column: Christian companies can’t bow to sinful mandate – USA Today Article 2012-09-12 Hobby Lobby May Close All Stores – please read the open letter With over 500 locations in 41 states, Hobby Lobby is one of the most popular stores in America.  However, the brand has become…

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California Could Deprive Students from Attending Christian Universities

  CBN News Aug. 3rd 2016 by Heather Sells California state lawmakers are closely considering a bill that would force Christian colleges to give up their religious convictions or lose state funding. The sponsors of Senate Bill 1146 say it will protect LGBTQ students from discrimination but Christian colleges believe it will ultimately deprive students of the ability to attend…

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