State Department Waging “Open War” On White House

BY SOEREN KERN/GATESTONE INSTITUTE SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 Share this article:   The U.S. State Department has backed away from a demand that Israel return $75 million in military aid which was allocated to it by the U.S. Congress.   The repayment demand, championed by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was described as an underhanded attempt by the State Department to…

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UN Votes to drive Israel from Jerusalem

  UN Condemns Israel’s Presence In Jerusalem To Mark Israel’s Independence Day As Israel celebrated its 69th Independence Day on Tuesday,  UNESCO — the cultural arm of the United Nations — voted by a 22-10 margin (with 23 abstentions and three absences) to approve a resolution that condemned what it called Israel’s “illegal” presence in Jerusalem.   However, the number…

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UNITED STATES GOVERNMENTAL POLICY AND ISRAEL Passed by attending pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and laymen at the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting on February 20-21, 2017 at the Victory Baptist Church Okeechobee, Florida     WHEREAS, we believe God established a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 17:7-8 and later confirmed it with Isaac and Jacob and their descendants forever;   AND WHEREAS,…

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