A Pro- Amnesty Senator Got Caught Telling a Massive Lie About The Bible

American Patriot News Network   Sept. 10, 2017 The pro-amnesty swamp creatures are scrambling. After Donald Trump eliminated Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty scheme, establishment members of Congress, business leaders, celebrities, and the amnesty lobby all turned up the heat to press the administration to back down. But one Senator got caught lying about the Bible in his hopes to advance open…

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Trump teaches truth using a snake in PA

  Trump revisits ‘The Snake’ poem at Pennsylvania rally President Trump treated his supporters to a dramatic poetry reading Saturday night, delivering Al Wilson’s ballad, “The Snake,” at a Harrisburg, Pa., rally to commemorate his first 100 days in office. During the campaign, Trump regularly recited the poem as a cautionary tale against allowing Syrian refugees to take advantage of…

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My Case Against Immigration! Don Boys, Ph.D.

 Aliens Crossing   There was bad news today from the border. Various media outlets reported that in the 2016 fiscal year, more than 408,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border–that we know of! Only God and maybe George Soros know how many slipped in undetected. And many of the illegal aliens were from Cuba, Haiti and the Muslim nations…

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