Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell Were Right About Women: John Bunyan Was Wrong!

  John Bunyan   Don Boys, Ph.D.   Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell were correct in their relationship with women while my seventeenth-century hero John Bunyan was wrong, very wrong. Graham and Falwell made it a practice to never be alone with a woman who was not a relative. In that respect, they were right on target. No…

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Megyn Kelly, Whatever Happened to Modesty? Don Boys, Ph.D.

Phocion The wife of Phocion, a celebrated Athenian general who died 318 B.C., received a visit from a lady who was elegantly adorned with gold and jewels, and her hair festooned with pearls. The visitor was obviously impressed with her own appearance and the value of her jewelry. The hostess, while speaking with her guest as to the elegance…

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