A “Christian” Refuge of Lies: An Expose of “The Church that Birthed America”

A Publication of Old Paths Baptist Church Separation of Church and State Law Ministry See, for more proof of the thesis of this article, some of the authorities in the Endnotes below and also List of Scholarly Resources Which Explain and Comprehensively Document the True History of Religious Freedom in America. For more on Christian Revisionism, see David Barton’s Christian Revisionism,…

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Baptists are not Protestants but Pious, Polemic Patriots!

Don Boys, Ph.D.   A generation ago, it was common for hospitals, jails, schools, and other institutions to have a place on their forms for a person to state their Religion–Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish. However, there was no Baptist designation. Many will say that Baptists are like Methodists, Assembly of God, etc., just another Protestant group; but that is…

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Baptists and Muslims Unite

Baptists And Muslims Are Uniting By Chuck Baldwin One might be surprised to learn that hundreds of Christian organizations (including Baptist) are uniting with Muslims and Jews (and people from other pagan religions). “What,” you ask, “could possibly unite such radically opposing faith systems?” The effort to convince the U.S. Congress to KEEP the Johnson Amendment, that’s what. The Johnson…

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