Baptists and Muslims Unite

Baptists And Muslims Are Uniting By Chuck Baldwin One might be surprised to learn that hundreds of Christian organizations (including Baptist) are uniting with Muslims and Jews (and people from other pagan religions). “What,” you ask, “could possibly unite such radically opposing faith systems?” The effort to convince the U.S. Congress to KEEP the Johnson Amendment, that’s what. The Johnson…

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Isaac Backus Revolutionary Age Pastor speaks out against State/church

Isaac Backus Isaac Backus was a leading Baptist preacher during the era of the American Revolution who campaigned against state-established churches in New England. He left the state approved Congregational Church where he was pastor to become pastor of a non-conformist Baptist church.  He was Born: January 9, 1724, in Connecticut and Died: November 20, 1806, Middleborough, MA.  One of…

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