MODESTY: A Deeper Understanding by Evangelist Doug Sehorne.

MODESTY: A Deeper Understanding by Evangelist Doug Sehorne. This booklet conveys the Biblical basis for modesty among Christian people. In a day of immodesty, lust, fornication and adultery, this message will give the answer as to WHY God demands modesty for his people. Most books on the subject tell you the what of modesty, but this booklet explains the underlying truth behind God’s…

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Satan, Demons, necromancers, drunks, occult and Bible Translators writing modern Bibles

Who wrote the Bible that you are reading? I have just finished reading a fantastic book by G.A.  Riplinger entitled, “New Age Bible  Versions.” Among other things, it details who the writers were of the Greek Text used to translate the NIV,  NASB, NKJV, NRSV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB LIVING, PHILLIPS, NEW JERUSALEM,  and NEW CENTURY versions of…

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The 400 Year History of the King James Bible Only Movement

Editor’s Note: The following is a book review by Gail Riplinger on the recently released book by Pastor Joey Faust of Venus, TX. Author: Gail Riplinger | AVPublications THE WORD: God Will Keep It by Pastor Joey Faust THIS IS A BRAND NEW BOOK WITH NEW RESEARCH So few authors do painstaking original research. Dr. James Sightler, Michael Maynard and…

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