Bundy Trial Shows Why the Feds Must Be Leashed

The FBI’s sordid history of withholding and destroying key evidence deserves a reckoning.


by  James Bovard

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Justice Department was caught in another high-profile travesty last month that continues to reverberate through the western states. On Dec. 20, federal judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in the case against  Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy  and others after prosecutors were caught withholding massive amounts of evidence undermining federal charges. This is the latest in a long series of federal law enforcement debacles that have spurred vast distrust of Washington.

Hidden Evidence

Bundy, a 71-year old Nevadan rancher, his sons, and his supporters were involved in an armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) beginning in 2014 and stemming from decades of unpaid cattle grazing fees and restrictions.

The Bundys have long claimed the feds were on a vendetta against them, and 3,300 pages of documents  the Justice Department wrongfully concealed from their lawyers provides smoking guns that buttressed their case.

The feds belatedly turned over multiple threat assessments, which revealed that the Bundys were not violent or dangerous.

whistleblowing memo by BLM chief investigator Larry Wooten charges that BLM chose “the most intrusive, oppressive, large-scale and militaristic trespass cattle (seizure) possible” against Bundy. He also cited a “widespread pattern of bad judgment, lack of discipline, incredible bias, unprofessionalism and misconduct, as well as likely policy, ethical and legal violations” by BLM officials in the case. BLM agents even “bragged about roughing up Dave Bundy, grinding his face into the ground and Dave Bundy having little bits of gravel stuck in his face” while he was videotaping federal agents. Wooten also stated that anti-Mormon prejudice pervaded BLM’s crackdown.

The feds charged the Bundys with conspiracy in large part because the ranchers summoned militia to defend them after they claimed that FBI snipers had surrounded their ranch. Justice Department lawyers scoffed at this claim in prior trials involving the standoff, but newly-released documents confirm that  snipers were in place  prior to the Bundys’ call for help.

The feds also belatedly turned over multiple threat assessments which revealed that the Bundys were not violent or dangerous, including an FBI analysis that concluded that BLM was “trying to provoke a conflict” with the Bundys. As an analysis in the left-leaning  Intercept  observed, federal missteps in this case “fueled longstanding perceptions among the right-wing groups and militias that the federal government is an underhanded institution that will stop at nothing to  crush the little guy  and cover up its own misdeeds.”

Judge Navarro will hold a  hearing on Jan. 8  on whether to dismiss all charges or require a new trial. But federal prosecutors have insisted that, regardless of the latest disclosures, the judge should prohibit the Bundys from claiming that the feds provoked the confrontation or that the  Bundys acted in self-defense. Steven Myrhe, the lead federal attorney, declared: “The Court needs to  put a stop to these illegal theories and defenses in order for the government to receive a fair trial. The government, too, is entitled to a fair trial.”

This Isn’t the First Time

Fair trials are the last thing that high-profile federal targets such as the Bundys are likely to receive. In the early 1990s, the federal government decided to take down Randy Weaver, an outspoken white separatist living on a mountaintop in northern Idaho. After Weaver was entrapped by a federal agent, U.S. Marshals trespassed on Weaver’s land and killed his son.

The Justice Department claimed that Weaver conspired to have an armed confrontation with the government. Bizarrely, the feds claimed that his  moving from Iowa to near the Canadian border  in 1983 was part of that plot. After a jury found  Weaver not guilty  on all major charges, federal Judge  Edward Lodge issued a lengthy catalog of the Justice Department’s and the FBI’s misconduct and fabrication of evidence in the case. A top FBI official was later sent to prison for  destroying key evidence  in the case.

False FBI trial testimony may have helped sentence 32 innocent people to death.

The Justice Department also did the conspiracy/suppression of evidence two-step against the Branch Davidians in Waco. A grand jury indictment accused 11 Davidians who survived 1993 federal assaults on their home of conspiring “with malice aforethought” to kill Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents. The ATF’s decision to launch a frontal attack on their home somehow proved that the residents sought an “armed confrontation.”

Prosecutors compared Davidian leader David Koresh to  Hitler and Stalin  and denounced defendants as “religious terrorists.” But a jury rejected the most serious charges against the Davidian defendants, which the New York Timescharacterized as a “stunning defeat” for the federal government. Five years later, Americans learned that, contrary to Justice Department assertions, FBI attackers fired  pyrotechnic grenades  into the Davidians’ property before a massive fire erupted that left 80 people dead.

In the Bundy case, Judge Navarro slammed the FBI for  withholding key evidence.  Unfortunately, this seems to be standard procedure for the FBI — including in their investigations of both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns as well as the  Las Vegas shooter who slaughtered concert goers last October. FBI officials have also been caught routinely twisting the truth to burnish prosecutions. False FBI trial testimony may have helped sentence  32 innocent people to death, as the Washington Post reported in 2015. How many other innocent people been put behind bars because of federal misconduct?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ordering a  formal investigation  into how the Justice Department went awry in Nevada. Until the feds cease wrongfully abusing their targets, there will be no rebound in trust in Washington. If the Trump administration cannot rein in renegade federal prosecutors, the president should cease-and-desist any and all claptrap about “draining the swamp.”

UPDATE 01/09/18: Federal judge Gloria Navarro yesterday dismissed all chargesagainst the Bundys, ending their long courtroom clash with the FBI, BLM, and Justice Department. Navarro found “outrageous” government misconduct and “A universal sense of justice has been violated.” Many of the FBI abuses occurred during Saint Jim Comey’s time as FBI chief.

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