Rev. Isaac McCoy

Escape from Indians

On April 2, around the year 1817, Isaac McCoy and his wife Christiana were still nursing the wounds of their nine year old daughter who had been attacked by an Indian when she and two of the Indian girls who were living with them had moved about 200 yards from the house to get supplies.  Her father was approximately five miles away, on his way home from a mission’s tour having been delayed when the horses got away during the night.  The little girl tripped and was caught and nearly strangled to death before being rescued by her mother and Mungosa one of the Miami lads and another young man hired to labor.  They would have killed the Indian, but let him go at the insistence of Mrs. McCoy.  The little girl survived but had severe throat and lung problems for some time.  Five of the nine McCoy children died while Bro. McCoy was away on missionary trips.  The Triennial Convention failed to send him his support as promised, and yet they persevered, trial after trial, to the Glory of the Savior.  In 1830 Congress approved McCoy’s plan to relocate the Indians to the West.  If any would like to read further the intriguing history of this great missionary Diplomat to the Indians, you can order: History of Baptist Indian Missions from the Particular Baptist Press: 2766 W. FR 178, Springfield, MO 65810.  This would make a great addition to a Home School or a family devotion supplement.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon adapted from:  This Day in Baptist History III (David L. Cummins), pp. 188-189.

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