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Charles H. SpurgeonSpurgeon, C.S.

Quit Ye Like Men! –

German rationalism invaded Great Britain even before being experienced on our shores in America. Charles H. Spurgeon confronted that dread evil of apostasy. He was looking for men who were built upon and bounded by the Word of God whom he could use in planting chapels all around London. He found such a man who was pastoring the Baptist church in Ilfracombe on the Bristol Channel. The church had struggled since its formation in 1851. Several good pastors had assisted in the early days of the church, but one by one they had wearied or worn out in the battle, and had resigned. Discouragement had cut short the ministry of James J. Brown after he had labored in the vineyard for six years. A young man of promise had just graduated from college, Rev. J. E. Taylor, but after two years, the Lord called his servant home on December 3, 1867. However, the congregation was greatly blessed when Rev. J. Douglas was called to assume that pastorate. The church historian recorded: “A good and faithful pastor was found in the Rev. J. Douglas, M.A. He proved the minister for the place. A devoted people rallied around him. There were good congregations and many conversions. During the summer the place was too strait for the worshippers, so an increased sitting room was made by putting up an end gallery. . . .Mr. Douglas has scholarly parts, evinced by his M.A. degree, but these he subserved to sacred purposes. All his is and has he lays at the foot of the cross. Whatever his culture he is not one of those who unduly speculates in the pulpit, or gives forth uncertain sounds. Satisfied with the plain teaching of God’s Word, . . .He declares positively that certain things are true, and we evangelists do but repeat the assertions. If you object to dogmatism, complain to the Master, not to the men.”

Dr. Dale R. Hart From: “This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins pp. 705 – 707

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