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December 02, 1789 – Billington McCarter Sanders was born in Columbia County, Georgia. By age 9 he had lost both of his parents and he had gone to live with a Mr. Ambrose Jones family who provided an excellent home. He received his early education in the Kiokee Seminary. After further education in various institutions he returned to his native county, where he made a profession of faith and was baptized by Abraham Marshall, and was admitted into the Kiokee Baptist Church of Appling, the first Baptist church ever planted in Georgia. He was married to Martha Lamar, who bore 9 children. All of them died in infancy but two. Martha died in 1822 and he married Cynthia Holliday, who bore him 13 children. Of the 22, only nine survived him. He knew the burden of standing at the grave of a wife and thirteen children. Sanders went on to serve in the state legislature and as a judge of the Superior Court, and taught school. His pastor, at a church conference where he was serving as clerk, read a resolution recommending him to the work of the ministry. He bowed his head and burst into tears. But he knew that it was God at work in his life. He prepared a room on to his house and began worship services for his family, servants and neighbors. In 1831 the Georgia Baptist Convention determined to establish a Seminary and called on Sanders to take charge of the process which he did. With the cheapest of fare and the barest of accommodations, including no heat, the foundation of Mercer University was laid. Before his death at 65 he was involved in many ministries.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins Thompson /, pp. 502-04.

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